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The Centre for Social Data Analytics applies strong data science to linked data, undertaking research that illuminates new things about the human experience. Focus areas include healthcare, children, families and education. Our valuable insights can measure the impact of social interventions, identify the need for new policy, and predict the likely outcomes for individuals and groups in society.

What we do

Our projects use linked data to produce models and tools that address societal issues, offering agencies all over the world a chance to more effectively utilise their resources. Our projects include; child maltreatment predictive risk modelling for better decision-making, homelessness predictive risk modelling to help prioritise requests for homeless services, data collection to enhance the workplace wellbeing of junior doctors, and development of community-driven criteria for government use of algorithms in decision making.

We work with a range of agencies and research partners

At the Centre for Social Data Analytics we use rich sets of data to complete research on significant social issues that concern policymakers worldwide. The centre is led by internationally regarded social data researchers who are constantly seeking new opportunities to collaborate with organisations and researchers worldwide, to develop data-driven solutions for frontline services.

Housing Prioritisation Tools

The two Housing Assistance Screening Tools offered by CSDA are triaging tools to support better outcomes and prioritise resources for the highest-need housing clients in United States jurisdictions.

The first version (HAST) uses client survey and Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) data and the second version (HAST(DW)) uses administrative data.

Find out more about how we work with agencies to develop housing prioritisation tools and learn more about how we have worked with Allegheny County (PA) to develop the Allegheny Housing Assessment tool.

Child Welfare Screening Tools©

CSDA Child Welfare Screening Tools© are used to support screening decisions about child maltreatment referrals. They rely on a predictive risk model score plus a set of evidence-informed protocols to inform and/or guide screening practice.

Find out more about how we work with agencies to develop these tools and learn about how we have worked with Allegheny County (PA) to deliver the Allegheny Family Screening Tool and Douglas County (CO) to deliver the Douglas County Decision Aid.


Our projects

Learn about our current and past projects, and how we work with our research partners.

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