Allegheny Family Screening Tool: Methodology, Version 2

This methodology report describes changes to the Allegheny Family Screening Tool (AFST), building upon and updating the original methodology report, Developing Predictive Risk Models to Support Child Maltreatment Hotline Screening Decisions (March 2017). Modifications implemented include changes to specific predictor fields used in the model itself, the modelling methodology, and County policies concerning the tool’s use, upholding Allegheny County’s ongoing commitment to transparency by continuing to inform the community about changes to the tool and the County’s policies.

Vaithianathan, R., Kulick, E., Putnam-Hornstein, E., & Benavides-Prado, D. (2019). Allegheny Family Screening Tool: Methodology, Version 2. Auckland: Centre for Social Data Analytics.

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