Full house for Wellington workshop on child poverty, risk and resilience

03 Mar, 2018

There was a great turnout at CSDA’s recent Wellington workshop, attended by individuals from thirteen government agencies and several private sector organisations.

The theme of the 2018 workshop was “Measuring Childhood Risk and Resilience for Poverty Impact. Heather Royer (University of California Santa Barbara) opened with a keynote on child poverty in the United States, before CSDA co-director Tim Maloney facilitated a discussion with attendees on how risk and resilience can be useful for policy.

During the second half of the event, CSDA staff presented detailed case studies of four different research projects from New Zealand and the US.

“It’s really important that we regularly get the CSDA team down to Wellington to share our work and engage with people who are doing similar work in the agencies,” says co-director Rhema Vaithianathan. “Government agencies are directly concerned with the difficult issues we are working to address, like poverty, maltreatment, and homelessness. Therefore, it makes sense for us to all share information and work together where possible, to maximise impact.

In the week prior to the Wellington event, CSDA also ran an academic workshop on a similar theme in Auckland: “Applied Economic Papers on Child and Youth Outcomes”. Researchers from New Zealand and Australia presented 13 papers.

Programme for Auckland Academic Workshop

Programme for Wellington Workshop