Using Integrated Data for Social Sector Policy and Practice

22 February 2016

On 22nd February 2016, the CSDA with the support of the Ministry of Social Development hosted a conference on the use of integrated data. A selection of presentations made at the event can be found below. See an overview of the event here.


Evelyn Wareham (Statistics New Zealand) A vision of collaboration: New Zealand's integrated data - PDF

Michael Fletcher (AUT) Using administrative data to better understand the financial consequences of marital separation among New Zealand parents: Implications for Child Support and social assistance - PDF

Nan Jiang (AUT) Implementing a data visualisation tool for the front-line in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania - PDF

David Earle (Ministry of Education) The effect of education programmes for youth on labour market outcomes - PDF

Tim Maloney (AUT) Using predictive modelling with administrative data to identify poor performers at university - PDF

Robert Templeton (The Treasury) Using integrated data to examine children at higher risk of poor outcomes as young adults - PDF

Charles Sullivan (Ministry of Justice) Justice and the Integrated Data Infrastructure: Initial uses, future plans, and the importance of collaboration - PDF