Impact Evaluation

A quick introduction to Impact Evaluation is and how it works, from Professor Rhema Vaithianathan (AUT).

CSDA Impact Evaluation

Impact of school-based support on educational outcomes of teen-mothers: Evidence from New Zealand's "Teen Parent Units"

In February 2016, a research team led by Centre for Social Data Analytics co-director Professor Rhema Vaithianathan completed a quasi-experimental study on the impact of the Family Start Home Visiting Programme. This evaluation prompted an annual $7 million funding boost for the programme.

Impact of the Family Start Home Visiting Programme on Outcomes for Mothers and Children: A Quasi-Experimental Study

In February 2017, researchers found positive impacts of Teen Parent Units (TPU), another Ministry of Social Development (MSD) programme. Co-authored by AUT economists, this study found that after having their babies, teen mothers living close to a TPU were more likely to return to school and more likely to achieve NCEA Level 1.

Professor Rhema Vaithianathan is currently leading the evaluation of another MSD programme - Social Workers in Schools.